Epic Web & Marketing Checkup & Monitoring

Starting At: $1,499.00

This Epic Web & Marketing Checkup & Monitoring Package includes epic active monitoring and support your business needs in today’s digital marketplace.

See Package Details Tab Below for the types of services available in this package.

(To secure a position in scheduling, an additional Retainer Invoice will be sent on the 1st of each consecutive month. )
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Package Details

This Epic Web & Marketing Checkup & Monitoring Package is for website owners who would like to have an operator actively working to build up their business on the web. It includes a wide array of more Epic monitoring essentials required on today’s web. Leaving a WordPress Site unattended today is super risky. Don’t leave the digital side of your business to chance!

Types of Services Available in this Checkup & Monitoring Package:

Account Related:

  • Heavy Account Management
  • Purchasing / Ordering / Renewals / Receipts
  • Heavy Hosting Support
  • Heavy Domain Support
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Domain Health / Blacklist Checks
  • Domain Addon(s) Management
  • Domain Contact Info Updating
  • Domain Renewal Management
  • Heavy Renewal Management
  • Unnecessary Fees Checking
  • Domain Based Email Account Assistance
  • Password Management Support
  • Admin Email Account Management

Web Development Related:

  • Epic Web Dev Task Management
  • Epic Web Development Support
  • Advanced Animations / Dynamic Effect Support
  • Epic Site Improvement Support
  • Heavier Article Posting Support
  • Page / Post / Category Management
  • Strong Content Management Support
  • Strong Content Update Support
  • Navigation Management
  • Mobile Menu Management
  • Blog View Management / Sorting
  • Related Post Management
  • Content Creation Assistance
  • Content Ordering
  • Custom Page Not Found Page
  • Epic Ecommerce Support
  • Advanced Design Support

Security Related:

  • Strong Security + Monitoring
  • Advanced Firewall Configurations
  • Strong Malware Monitoring
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Security Auditing / Checkups
  • SSL Error Checking + Repairs
  • WordPress Security Best Practises
  • Database Prefix Hardening
  • Website SPAM Comment Filtering
  • Server Level Security Management
  • Rogue Country Blocking
  • Changed File / Malicious File Checking
  • Content Copy Protection
  • Bad Bot Protection / Monitoring
  • Anti Fraud Detection + Prevention
  • Strong Password Management
  • Contact Form / Signup Form Security
  • Theme Vulnerability Assessment + Hardening
  • Root Directory Monitoring for Strange Files
  • Prevent Directory and File Browsing From Hackers
  • Prevent File Editor From Hackers
  • Prevent PHP Executions From Hackers
  • File-System / Directory Permissions Hardening
  • Hide Error Log + WordPress Version Info
  • Recaptcha Installation / Management
  • User Account Management
  • User Permissions Hardening
  • Review On-Site Security Logs
  • Review Server Level Security Logs
  • Priority / Emergency Response
  • Insecure Element Monitoring / Repairs
  • Ensure HTTPS on all Links
  • Domain ID Protection Management
  • Email Authentication Measures
  • Website Keys + Salts Password Hardening
  • Login Security / IP Whitelisting
  • Multi-Factor Login Authentication
  • Cloudflare Security Hardening (If Applicable)
  • Server Firewall Activation (Subject to Hosting Availability)
  • Full On-Site Website & Database Backup
  • Full Server Side Website + Database Backups
  • Full Off-Site Website & Database Backup

Marketing Related:

  • Heavy Marketing Task Management
  • Site-Wide SEO Analysis
  • Page-Level SEO Analysis
  • Heavy Advanced SEO Improvements
  • Heavy Image SEO Tweaks & Optimizations
  • Misused H1, H2, H3 Checking + Repair
  • Strong Google Error Management
  • Advanced Lead Capture Development
  • Advanced Landing Page Development
  • Lead Capture Implementation Management
  • Landing Page Implementation Management
  • Broken Link Monitoring & Repair
  • Sitemap Management
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • De-indexed Page Checking
  • Investigate Traffic Drops
  • BING Error Checking
  • Blocked Resource Monitoring
  • External Party Marketing Assistance
  • Business Listings Management
  • Email Marketing Analysis & Ops
  • Customer Journey Optimizations
  • Conversion Optimization Tweaks
  • Advanced Marketing Checkup
  • Advanced Technical SEO + Monitoring
  • Bad Backlink Monitoring + Removal Efforts
  • Advanced Marketing Integrations
  • Advanced Social Media Support
  • Branding Placements Support
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Ads Assistance
  • Marketing Stats & Reports
  • Priority Marketing Issue Support!

Web Maintenance Related:

  • Overall Website Health Assessment
  • Epic Error Monitoring + Repairs
  • Frontend Visual Issue Repairs
  • Coding Optimizations & Repairs
  • Spacing, Styling, Formatting Tweaks
  • Staged + Tested Update Management
  • Advanced Theme Adjustments
  • Theme Conflict Monitoring + Repair
  • Plugin Conflict Monitoring + Repair
  • Broken Plugin Monitoring + Repair
  • Abandoned Plugin Replacement
  • Unneeded Plugin Addon Management
  • Plugin Temp Files / Junk Cleaning
  • Broken Script Monitoring + Repair
  • Failed Update Monitoring + Repair
  • Epic Page Level Script Management
  • Search Box Relevancy Management
  • Spelling & Grammar Monitoring
  • Memory & Resource Limit Increases
  • Server Issues Checking
  • Advanced Database Error Repairs
  • Database Bloat / Junk Cleaning
  • Unused Images + Upload Junk Cleaning
  • Broken Image / Thumbnail Repairs
  • Navigation Issue Monitoring
  • Image + Video Display Monitoring
  • Outdated PHP Version Checking
  • Clean Old Server Backup Files
  • 404 Page Not Found Management
  • Mobile + Tablet Icon Management
  • Advanced Redirection Management
  • Heavier Report & Recommendations
  • Heavier Support Ticket Management!
  • On-Call Emergency Support Response!

Performance Related:

  • Advanced Website Performance
  • Unoptimized Image Monitoring
  • Epic Mobile + Tablet Optimization
  • Cache Maintenance / Flushing
  • Advanced Performance Optimizations

Workflow Related:

  • Advanced Workflow Support
  • Advanced CRM Support
  • Customer Management Integration
  • Automation + Workflow Assistance
  • Advanced Form Support + Improvements
  • Heavy Form Submission Testing
  • Form Optimizations for Conversions
  • Email Health / Junk Folder Prevention
  • Notification Routing
  • Autoresponder Management
  • Integrations Support

Payment Policy

Thanks for your interest in this Epic Web & Marketing Checkup & Monitoring Package. To secure a position in scheduling, payment will be required on 1st of each Month. Once payment is received, the work will be scheduled immediately. No refunds are possible. Cancel or Downgrade any time.

Payment can be by Interac Email Money Transfer or by Credit Card via Paypal. For enhanced Security, Automatic Deposit has been enabled for all Email Money Transfers. Please make payable to [email protected]

Terms & Conditions

This package is available as Single or Monthly. Can pause or cancel any time. 30 Day Noticed Required for Pausing or Canceling Monthly Management to allow time to secure additional replacement work. No contract required. All fees are non-refundable.

Please note that a 25% Monthly Management Fee Applies From the Monthly Budget due to the following:

  • Heavier Account Management
  • Heavier Tasks Management
  • Advanced Development Related Efforts
  • Advanced Marketing Related Efforts
  • Advanced Security Efforts
  • Advanced Performance Efforts
  • Advanced Workflow Support
  • Email Marketing Support
  • External Accounts Management
  • Heavier Free Consultation
  • Specialty Services
  • Advanced Support
  • Being On-Call
  • High Priority Emergency Support

An additional hourly rate applies to all additional advanced design, development, maintenance, performance ops, troubleshooting, special requests, custom development, additional features, or any advanced additional development outside of this epic maintenance + monitoring + marketing package.

Beyond initial consultation, Spenny For Hire cannot be expected to provide free ongoing marketing consultation or training. Additional consultation fees will apply as needed by the business. 

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.