WordPress Website Health, Performance, Security & Marketing Checkup

Starting At: $999.00

This WordPress Website 360 Checkup Package includes an in-depth analysis of your overall website’s health, performance, security, and marketing! It contains many analysis duties not listed in any other package. This inciteful package also includes making many general repairs, improvements, and optimizations. It will also help reveal marketing-related issues that are likely costing your business valuable leads every day.

This package can be purchased as needed or as a monthly package monitoring package. Especially useful for sites that are getting traffic and sales from the web. Gain peace of mind knowing your marketing is safe and growing.

Separate Packages are available for websites requiring heavier advanced maintenance, advanced security maintenance, or full performance optimizations.

The WordPress Website Health, Performance, Security & Marketing Checkup will check for the following:

  • Overall Website Health Assessment
  • Website Resource / Memory Issues
  • WordPress Integrity Issues
  • Theme Status / Conflicts
  • Plugin Conflicts / Errors
  • Update Status / Failed Updates
  • Database Errors & Corruption
  • Old Database Entries
  • Old Plugin Remnants
  • Old Unused CSS
  • Old Unused Images + Uploads
  • Spacing, Styling, Formating Issues
  • Website Errors
  • Broken Plugins
  • Broken Scripts
  • Broken Images
  • Image + Video Display Issues
  • Oversized Unoptimized Images
  • Unnamed Images
  • Abandoned Plugins
  • Form Submission Testing
  • Form Confirmation / Notification Status
  • Outdated PHP Version
  • Coding Improvement Opportunities
  • Workflow Improvement Opportunities
  • Design Improvement Opportunities
  • Functionality Improvement Opportunities
  • Visual Anomalies
  • Mobile + Tablet Issues
  • Non-Mobile Friendly Tables
  • On-Site Search Results Relevancy
  • Basic Report & Recommendations

Account Checkup Checks For The Following:

  • Web Hosting Assessment
  • Server Errors / Issues
  • Old Unused Corrupt Databases
  • Old Server Backup Files
  • Renewal Checking
  • Unnecessary Fees Assessment
  • Domain Addon(s) Assessment
  • Domain Contact Info Status
  • Domain / Addon Domain Renewal Dates
  • Paid Plugin Renewal Dates
  • Theme Renewal Date
  • Form Builder Renewal Date
  • Hosting Renewal Date
  • Admin Email Account Processing
  • Notification Routing
  • Admin / Technical Notification Routing
  • Manage Applicable Support Tickets
  • Task Management
  • Support Ticket Management
  • Basic Report & Recommendations

Performance Checkup Checks For The Following:

  • Google PageSpeed Desktop / Mobile Testing
  • Gtmetrix Speed Testing
  • Pingdom Speed Testing
  • Server Memory & Resource Limits
  • Unnecessary Plugin + Addon Decommissioning
  • Slow Bulky Plugin Replacement Auditing
  • Excessive Theme Addons
  • Unnecessary Elements / Addons
  • Cache Issues
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript Optimization Issues
  • Old Unused CSS
  • Excessive Page-Level Scripts
  • Large / Unoptimized Images
  • Page-Level Performance Issues
  • Mobile + Tablet Speed Issues
  • Render Blocking
  • External HTTP Requests
  • Server Related Caching Potential
  • Cloudflare Implementation Potential
  • Performance Troubleshooting / Bottlenecks
  • Basic Report & Recommendations

Security Checkup Checks For The Following:

  • Software / Installation Security Issues
  • Website Vulnerability Assessment
  • Database Vulnerability Assessment
  • Plugin Vulnerabilities
  • Theme Vulnerabilities
  • File-System / Directory Permissions
  • Critical Advanced Security Vulnerabilities
  • Malware Potential
  • Content Protection Status
  • Error Log(s) Vulnerability
  • WordPress Version Info Vulnerability
  • Website Firewall Status
  • Server Firewall Status
  • Website + Email SPAM Status
  • Contact Form / Signup Form Vulnerability
  • User Accounts / Permissions Assessment
  • Weak Website + Database Password Assessment
  • Login Security Assessment
  • Enable Admin Security Notifications
  • Enable Website Error Logging + Alerts
  • Review On-Site Security Logs
  • Review Server Level Security Logs
  • Cloudflare Security Hardening (If Applicable)
  • Server Firewall Activation (Subject to Hosting Availability)
  • SSL Error Checking
  • HTTPS Enforcement
  • Domain Blacklist Checking
  • Primary Domain Health Assessment
  • Primary Domain ID Protection Status
  • Email Authentication Measures
  • On-Site File + Database Backup Status
  • Server Side File + Database Backup Status
  • Basic Report & Recommendations

Technical SEO Checkup Checks For The Following:

  • SEO / Technical SEO Auditing
  • Marketing Checkup / Issue Mining / Auditing
  • Marketing Game Plan / Task Management
  • SEO Tools Error Checking
  • Investigate Traffic Drops
  • Domain Health Checking
  • Email Health Checking
  • Google Error Checking
  • BING Error Checking
  • Missing Page Titles, Descriptions
  • Misused H1, H2, H3
  • Site-Wide SEO Analysis
  • Page-Level SEO Analysis
  • Product Level SEO Analysis
  • Page Title / Description / Heading Improvements
  • Snippet Issues
  • Missing Image SEO / ALT Tags
  • Blocked Resources
  • Broken Links
  • Missing Favicon / Mobile + Tablet Icons
  • De-indexed Page Checking
  • Unnecessary Indexed Site Elements
  • AMP Errors
  • HTTP Errors
  • Noindex / Nofollow Issues
  • Redirection Issues
  • 404 / 410 Errors
  • Critical Technical SEO Errors
  • Search Box Relevancy Issues
  • Internal Linking Improvements
  • Navigation SEO Issues
  • Search Engine Crawl Error Auditing
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs Issues
  • Robot.txt Errors + Opportunities
  • Sitemap Health
  • Website Maintenance Assessment
  • Website Performance Assessment

Have a Technical Expert look under the hood for you to ensure nothing sinister is lurking.

Package Details:

This Website Checkup Package contains a well-rounded analysis of your overall website health. A Website Checkup has the potential to reveal some pretty serious issues that may be been affecting your website’s performance + earnings potential for a long time. It will also go a long way to determining the state of your website’s overall development and help to establish a game plan.

The amount of Website maintenance required varies from site to site. For websites that have not been maintained regularly, a Website Basic or Advanced Maintenance Package may be required in addition to this package. Alternatively, additional hourly maintenance can be requested towards deeper issues and improvements that have been discovered during the Website Checkup.

Payment Policy

To secure a position in scheduling, payment will be required prior to service. A fully detailed invoice will be sent once the retainer amount has depleted. Payment can be by Interac Email Money Transfer or by Credit Card via Paypal.

For enhanced Security, Automatic Deposit has been enabled for all Email Money Transfers. Please make payable to [email protected]

The client will be responsible for any premium versions of plugins & tools required by their business. All monthly or annual renewal fees will be the responsibility of the Customer.

Terms & Conditions

WordPress is a Website Management System made up of thousands of files, scripts, plugins, addons, themes, security, and many other functional elements that require regular updating. Software developers are constantly making improvements and rolling out security patches for your website. If a WordPress website is left to sit unattended without receiving any of those updates, and other regularly needed maintenance, many errors and vulnerabilities can develop that can cost you sales or even website outages.

A big part of Web Maintenance is working through issues. Since plugin conflicts and issues can arise following the updating to later versions, Spenny For Hire cannot be held accountable for any plugin conflicts, site outages, security issues, login issues, spam, or any other technical issues of any kind that arise during or after maintenance. Some additional servicing may be required to troubleshoot & work through additional or new issues. Additional hourly maintenance can be requested towards deeper issues, or additional development improvements outside of this maintenance package.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.