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Stages & Implementation

Introductory / Collect Details

Understand Your Business Needs

The first initial Free Consultation is an introductory session to learn a bit about your business requirements. Initial free consultation usually ranges around 30min for initial analysis and to record details.


Analysis / Planning / Tasks Management

Web Development & Marketing Checkup


Building Your Website

Getting a website to a publishable state.


Establishing your presense & growth

Planting the Seeds for Digital Success


get the guidance you need

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Spenny For Hire can provide consultation on a strictly communication basis or assist with the actual production work or both. All services including consultation is available at the same hourly rate. Beyond the initial consultation to assess your website, ecommerce, and marketing needs, All research, planning, configurations, troubleshooting, management, and overall guidance and improvements are billable as part of overall Consultation Services.

Any help and support provided after initial free consultation that helps improve your business is considered billable consultation & training.

Sessions vary from 15min – 2hours at a rate of $100 per hour. A 15min minimum applies but will be utilized whenever possible.

To secure a spot in our scheduling, partial and consecutive retainer will be requested towards overall consultation and development efforts. A detailed invoice receipt will be provided once each session or retainer has been completed. Payment can be made via Email Money Transfer, or Credit Card through PayPal or Square.

For business owners wanting to manage some or all of the web development tasks themselves, login details will be provided. Spenny For Hire aim is to assist with all tasks business owners do not want to do, dont have time to do, or do not have the expertise for. Typical consultation sessions generally consist of basic website management duties business owners have time to learn and management.

For those not interested in learning all the in’s and out’s of web development, Spenny For Hire provides Fully Managed Development & Ongoing Maintenance Services. However, Spenny For Hire cannot be expected to develop entire commercial grade website without the customer providing any content or requirements.

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