Website Rescue & Recovery Package

Starting At: $349.00

This Website Rescue & Recovery Package is geared towards troubleshooting and recovering your current or expired website & database.

The Website Rescue & Recovery Package includes:

  • Account Management + Recovery
  • Domain Name & Hosting Assessment
  • Website & Database Recovery Efforts
  • Website Maintenance Assessment
  • Website Updates Assessment
  • Investigate Critical Website Errors
  • Database Checkup + Repairs
  • Website Management System Repairs
  • Troubleshoot Theme Issues
  • Pinpoint Faulty Plugins + Addons
  • Website Error Checking + Repairs
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Performance Checkup
  • Marketing Checkup
  • SSL Maintenance
  • PHP Upgrade Testing
  • Support Ticket Management
(Starter Hourly Pricing Applies for all additional add-on services.)
(Starter Hourly Pricing Applies for all additional add-on services.)
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This Website Rescue & Recovery Package is geared towards troubleshooting & recovering your current or expired website and database. If your website has recently expired, there is still a good chance of recovering some or all of its contents. Even if your website went down many months ago, there is a very good chance we can recover quite a bit of it. In such a case, new hosting may be required but we have access to some huge deals from the top hosting providers on the web.

The main benefit of this package is to recover your lost website and address any critical errors preventing your site from loading. If your website is now just a blank screen, showing strange errors, php errors, connection errors, database errors, 404 page not found, 503 errors, or any other errors, there is always a reason. Rest assured we will find the culprit to get you back up and running.

Terms & Conditions

An additional hourly rate applies to all additional development, requests, design work, maintenance, troubleshooting, performance optimizations, security, marketing, or any additional consultation or tutoring.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Payment Policy

To secure a position in scheduling, payment will be required prior to service. A fully detailed invoice will be sent once all outlined work is completed. Payment(s) can be made via Checkout or Interac Email Money Transfer.

For enhanced Security, Automatic Deposit has been enabled for all Email Money Transfers. Please make payable to

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