Restaurant Order Online Takeout Delivery WordPress Package

This Restaurant Order Online Takeout Delivery Package is geared towards expanding any Restaurant Wordpress website by providing Online Ordering / Delivery / Pickup capabilities.


This Restaurant Order Online Pickup Delivery Package is geared towards expanding any Restaurant WordPress website by providing Online Ordering / Delivery capabilities. Our primary focus will be on completing all the items within this package. Additional hourly rate applies to all additional requests, or additional development outside of this package. Alternatively, a Free Quote can be provided which includes all of your additional requirements. This package also includes a preliminary Technical SEO Performance Assessment.

The Restaurant Order Online Takeout Delivery Package for WordPress includes:

  • Ecommerce / Order Online Installation Configuration
  • Add Base Food Menu Items (First Initial 30 items included. Supports Unlimited.)
  • Food Menu Categories / Sections
  • Food Size Variations x 30 Products
  • Food Image Sizing, Naming, Optimizations
  • Food Image Placements (Generic or Supplied)
  • Food Description Info Tab Capabilities
  • Food Bundles Capabilities
  • Initial Food Specials
  • Featured / Additional Meal Management
  • Side Order Selections (During Ordering)
  • Order Online Takeout Menu Pages
  • Navigational Menu Additions
  • Initial Formatting / Styling
  • Ecommerce Mobile Tablet Optimization
  • Floating Dynamic Cart / Checkout
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Provincial Tax Configuration
  • Quantity Configuration
  • Pickup / Delivery Configuration
  • Call, Order Online Buttons
  • Cart / Checkout Pages
  • Add Additional Checkout Instructions
  • Setup Cart Abandonment Monitoring
  • Additional Embedded PDF Menu Pages Download Buttons


Have a Technical Expert look under the hood for you to ensure nothing sinister is lurking.

If you have any questions or additional requirements, please use the Pre-Order Button above prior to ordering.


This package is perfect for business owners that need an affordable commercial grade eCommerce solution added to their existing WordPress website management system. There are no monthly or percentage-based fees required. You can use Skip the Dishes or other similar service in conjunction with this ecommerce system if you wish but this is very much a stand alone order online system that will provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

You will be able to add unlimited food and menu items, prices, descriptions, specials, and various pricing bundles. We will add up to the first 30 food items for you. Additional charges apply to have us add the remaining food items or you can book a tutoring session to learn how to add on your own.

Additional hourly rate applies to all additional eCommerce requests, integrations, third party payment processor integration, maintenance, troubleshooting, or additional development outside of this package.


The main benefit of this package is to start off on the right foot with a highly customizable eCommerce platform that can cater to the exact needs of your restaurant business. With an Order Online Product management system integrated at the core of your site, customers will have a streamlined checkout experience right on your website rather then being redirected to some third party system that charges you fees.

Benefits of using Woocommerce eCommerce / Product Management System

  • Stable, Innovative, And Compatible With All Mainstream Online Services
  • 100% Customizable, Attractive Product Checkout Pages
  • Easy to Add or Change Food Menus Items
  • Can Manage Your Food Menus, Titles, Descriptions, and Pricing From Any Computer or Mobile
  • No Coding or Ftp Software Required like on HTML Static sites
  • Can Have Featured Menu Items, Related, and Specials
  • Compatible with Elementor Page Builder
  • Owners Staff Can be Given Access To Add Or Update Pricing
  • Don’t Have To Rely On A Programmer To Make Basic Changes
  • Dynamic Functional Streamlined Checkout Experience for Customers
  • Integrates With Most Third-Party Services such as Host ME Reservations
  • Compatible With Most Major Form Application Builders
  • Compatible With Most Major Plugins, Add-Ons, And 3rd Party Online Services
  • Easy to add Food Menu Management, Order Online, Payment Processing
  • Search Engine Optimization Ready
  • Flexible, Scalable, Fast And Efficient
  • Supports All Mobile Devices
  • Continuous Development, Support, And Updates World Wide
  • Its Future-Proof, Expandable, Upgradable, and Customizable to any Restaurant Model

Terms & Conditions

Spenny For Hire provides web development, eCommerce, security, marketing, and technical assistance to businesses at a packaged based or one-time hourly rate. No recurring charges are required.

Spenny For Hire provides web development, eCommerce, security, marketing, and technical assistance to businesses who need it most. Various packages are available at a one time cost. No recurring charges are required.

Since there is no end to the level of improvements that can be made in web development, ecommerce, maintenance, or marketing in general, we cannot be expected to cover every remaining configuration requirement, on-going development, or all prior existing issues affecting the business workflow, website, ecommerce, or marketing. Every business is at a current stage in their overall development and web presence. Best we can do is assist by providing well rounded packages at predictable pricing to allow you to make informed incremental improvements over time at various stages when your budgeting allows. Additional related services can also be purchased if required during checkout.

Since additional errors, conflicts, and issues can arise during installation, configuration, and during maintenance that take additional time to work through beyond the original scope of the package being offered, we cannot be held accountable for any plugin conflicts, site outages, security issues, login issues, spam, or any other functional or technical issues and errors of any kind. We did not create the software and are simply here assist to get it all working together properly for you. Some additional servicing may be required to troubleshoot, work through additional new issues, manage support tickets, and provide any followups until resolved. Additional hourly rate applies to all additional development, maintenance, troubleshooting, requests, custom development, or any advanced additional development outside of this package.

The cost of every website will vary a great deal depending on the level of design, development, styling, functional, customization, integrations, and unique requests being asked for and required by the customer. Beyond initial consultation, Spenny For Hire cannot be expected to provide free ongoing consultation or training in regards to WordPress, Domains, Hosting, eCommerce, Security, or any software, scripts, or plugins that were used before or during development. Additional Consultation & Tutoring Sessions will be available for purchase if required.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Payment Policy

Please note that payment or a retainer will be required prior to service. Payments can be processed using the Add-To-Cart or sent securely via Interac Email Money Transfer. For enhanced Security, Automatic Deposit has been enabled for all email money transfers. Please make payable to

If full payment cannot be provided, a Retainer of half the total cost of this package will be required prior to service commencing to ensure a spot in our scheduling. A retainer invoice will be issued followed by a receipt once payment is received. All fees are non-refundable. Discounts are often provided at the discretion of the developer when warranted.

The client will be responsible for all domain and hosting fees and any premium versions of tools required by the business as they are needed. All monthly or annual renewal fees will be the responsibility of the Customer.

If you have any questions prior to ordering, please feel free to get in touch.

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