Technical SEO Checkup Package


This Technical SEO Package is geared towards investigating and correcting what is affecting your website’s ability to rank well and gain traffic from search engines.

The Technical SEO Package:

  • Technical SEO Auditing
  • Repair Critical Technical SEO Errors
  • Technical SEO Site-Wide Improvements
  • Add Missing Page Titles, Page Descriptions
  • Add Missing Product Titles, Descriptions
  • Misused H1, H2, H3 Correction
  • Page-Level SEO Score Improvements
  • Product SEO Score Improvements
  • Navigation SEO Improvements
  • Snippet Improvements + Additions
  • Image SEO Improvements
  • Internal Linking Improvements
  • SEO Tools Management / Configurations
  • Investigate Traffic Drops
  • Domain Health & Blacklist Checkups
  • Blocked Resource Auditing + Correction
  • Broken Link Maintenance
  • Conversion Optimization Tweaks
  • De-indexed Page Monitoring
  • Disable Unnecessary Site Elements
  • HTTP Error Monitoring + Repairs
  • Noindex / Nofollow Management
  • Redirection Management
  • HTTP / HTTPS / WWW Management
  • 404 / 410 Error Management
  • Search Box Relevancy Maintenance
  • Internal Linking Improvements
  • URL Structure Improvements
  • Search Engine Crawl Error Auditing + Repairs
  • Search Engine Friendly URL Tweaks
  • Setup Robot.txt + Optimizations
  • Sitemap Maintenance + Management
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google Error Checkups + Repairs
  • BING Search Console Setup
  • BING Error Checkups + Repairs
  • Website Maintenance Assessment
  • Website Performance Assessment
  • Website Security Assessment
  • Marketing Maintenance Duties
  • Marketing Related Support Tickets
  • Marketing Task Management
  • Marketing Reports​
  • Marketing Tools + Discounts

(Available at a one-time or monthly cost.)

(Starter Hourly Pricing Applies for all additional add-on services.)
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This Technical SEO Package is geared towards investigating and correcting Technical SEO issues affecting your website’s ability to rank well and gain traffic from search engines. If misconfigured or left on checked, technical marketing issues can send your traffic levels plummeting without you even knowing it. A single correction or adjustment can go a long way towards increasing your chances of ranking properly. Technical SEO Maintenance is a critical factor in maintaining your website’s digital marketability.

The size of your website and the severity of marketing and technical SEO issues at hand will dictate the priority sequence of the technical SEO applied. Dramatic gains may result from efforts contained within this package.

(An additional hourly rate applies to any marketing-related requirements outside of this package.)

Terms & Conditions

An additional hourly rate applies to all additional or recurring digital marketing management, search engine management, digital marketing maintenance, troubleshooting, marketing performance, or any additional consultation or tutoring.

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Payment Policy

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