Website Checkup & Maintenance Packages

Starting At: $99.00

Regular Website Checkups & Maintenance are critically needed to determine and maintain your overall website health. Consecutive website checkups, maintenance, monitoring, security checks, and tracking prevent a lot of unnecessary issues, & repairs!

Gain peace of mind knowing your website and marketing are safe and being looked after ♥

Basic Website Checkup Package:

  • Basic Website Checkup
  • Basic Site Maintenance & Repairs
  • Basic Security Checkups
  • Basic Marketing Checkups
  • Basic Updates & Upgrades
  • Basic Theme Maintenance
  • Basic Development Support
  • Basic Database Maintenance
  • Basic Performance Checkups
  • Basic Mobile + Tablet Checkups
  • Basic Backup Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Response

(All issues, errors, and improvements will be recorded and addressed incrementally each month. )

(See Basic + Advanced info tabs below for much more details.) (Additional Add-on Packages are available below.)

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Plan Comparison

Basic Maintenance

(All Plans Available for One-Time or Monthly.)
$ 99
/ MO
  • Basic Website Checkup
  • Basic Site Maintenance & Repairs
  • Basic Security Checkups
  • Basic Marketing Checkups
  • Basic Updates & Upgrades
  • Basic Theme Maintenance
  • Basic Development Support
  • Basic Content Update Support
  • Basic Database Maintenance
  • Basic Performance Checkups
  • Basic Mobile + Tablet Checkups
  • Backup Maintenance
  • Task Management
  • 24 Hour Response

Advanced Maintenance

(All Plans Available for One-Time or Monthly.)
$ 199
/ MO
  • Everything in Basic Plan +
  • Domain & Hosting Management
  • Account Management + Renewals
  • Advanced Error Maintenance
  • Advanced Security Maintenance
  • Ecommerce Maintenance & Support
  • Advanced Marketing Support
  • Advanced Performance Maintenance
  • Product Management & Updates
  • Support Ticket Management
  • Website Outage Monitoring
  • Onsite + Offsite Full Backups
  • Task Management
  • High Priority Emergency Response

Why Website Maintenance is Essential

Why Website Maintenance is Essential

All WordPress websites require a varying amount of maintenance each month. The longer the site is left unattended and unmonitored, the greater the chance of much larger issues developing resulting in avoidable unnecessary fees. There are many types and levels of website maintenance ranging from basic to advanced.

The amount of monthly maintenance required each month depends on things like:

  • The Size of the Website
  • How Under-Developed the site is
  • If E-commerce is installed
  • The number of Plugins, Addons, and Software installed
  • The Complexity of configurations
  • The level or lack of Security that is in place
  • The length of time the site is left unmaintained
  • If the site is getting decent traffic & website visitors
  • How it looks on mobile devices currently
  • How badly compromised & infected the site is now


Typical Website Maintenace includes:

  • Web & Marketing Checkups
  • Basic Website Maintenance
  • Advanced Website Maintenance
  • Ecommerce Maintenance
  • Product Management
  • Content Updates, Additions, and Improvements
  • Security Maintenance
  • Performance Maintenance


Why WordPress should receive Regular Maintenance:

WordPress is a Website Management System made up of thousands of files, scripts, plugins, addons, themes, security, and many other functional elements that require regular updating. 

Most WordPress websites consist of between 15,000 and 35,000,000 files, software, plugins, addons, multiple programming languages, and countless settings & configurations. That’s a lot to leave to chance exposed on the World Wide Web. All installation, configurations, design work, development, integrations, forms, and all the time and efforts are also at great risk if a website is left unmaintained, unmonitored, and vulnerable on the Web.

Software developers are constantly making improvements and rolling out security patches for your website. If a WordPress website is left to sit unattended without receiving any of those updates, and other regularly needed maintenance, many errors and vulnerabilities can develop that can cost you sales or even website outages.

Having a commercial grade professional looking website is a pretty critical component for most businesses these days. It is an important investment, key digital asset, and face of any business on the Web.

What can happen if your WordPress Website is left unattended?

A Lot can go wrong that it takes a seasoned operator to spot and fix! Without physically searching for issues, many can affect your website security, performance, marketing, and sales for a really long time without you even knowing it.

Not doing website checkups and maintenance can cause:

    • Your website could crash due to compatibility issues, bugs, errors, failures, and other conflicts.
    • Unnecessary costly repairs that could have been avoided and are often much more difficult to fix.
    • System, Software & Plugin issues can arise that can lead to loss of functional or website failure
    • Your website will become increasingly vulnerable to attacks.
    • You & your Customer’s sensitive information could get stolen and exploited.
    • Sensitive System information could get exposed and used to compromise your website and customers.
    • Your website could be Hacked due to outdated WordPress, Plugins, Addons, Scripts, and Themes.
    • Important emails, notifications, and renewal dates are left unattended resulting in NSF Charges.
    • Customers could experience site issues and lead to loss of leads and sales without you even knowing.
    • Mobile issues could exist and go unattended for a long time causing an immediate 50% loss of sales.
    • Important Google Errors can develop that will remain unresolved causing rankings and traffic to fall.
    • Website Performance Issues can develop causing slowness resulting in customers and search engines fleeing.
    • Your site will miss out on new features, benefits, bug fixes, and all the hard work of all its software developers.
    • Your site will place a higher strain on server resources further indirectly affecting your ability to rank well.
    • Your site could get infected, or taken over by malware or ransomware.
    • Strange Display Issues, Errors, Spacing, and Overlapping Text, could cause low customer confidence.
    • Unexpected anomalies on the frontend that customers will see.
    • Once your site goes down and left to get worse, the cost for recovery could be steep if even possible at all…
    • Your site could be plagued by bad backlinks and placed on blacklists affecting your domain and email health.
    • No one will be at the helm watching for issues, security threats, errors, or any trouble customers are having.
    • Your site and database backups will remain outdated, untested, and pile up on the server.
    • Your site database will become increasingly bloated affecting performance, traffic, and user experience.
    • WordPress & Database Vulnerabilities will increase eventually leading to a total site takeover.
    • Website Spam & Malicious Comments could lead to more bad backlinks, back doors, and malicious threats.
    • Your site’s forms could develop errors that cause submission errors costing you valuable leads and sales.
    • Domain & DNS Issues could exist and cause frequent outages and traffic loss.
    • Plugin Junk will increasingly add up leading to database and server bloat, errors, and possible corruption.
    • Email authentication issues could exist causing some or all your emails to go to junk folders.
    • Your site could have broken links leading to nowhere and leaking valuable SEO & Ranking Power.
    • Technical SEO issues could exist affecting traffic levels, leads, and sales all year long.
    • Large images may exist that require proper naming, sizing, optimization, and basic SEO.
    • Problems can remain undetected for weeks, months, or all year long costing potential sales every day!


Your Website is your Most Important Digital Asset and Face of your Company on the Web:

A Good Website is a collection of all incremental efforts done during the lifetime of any business. It is a by-product of your overall business model and worthy of continuous improvements & regular upkeep. It is a valuable digital asset and investment no business can afford to lose. Especially if it has a growing amount of website traffic and visitors.

Yet most web companies charge high fees for very minimum tasks they put on auto-pilot… That means they keep charging but don’t actually do any manual checkups, maintenance, or monitoring of any kind. They just keep collecting with no actual progress ever being made…

But most importantly, there will be no one at the helm watching for website, security, performance, & SEO issues or making any incremental improvements!

If you are seeing your website go down frequently, displaying strange errors, or redirecting to weird pages on the web, Don’t Wait! Don’t leave the digital side of your business left unattended! Could be a sign of an intruder!

For more info, see this Article on The Hidden Consequences of Not Doing WordPress Website Maintenance 🙂

Common Basic Maintenance

Basic Website Checkup Package:

Here is a more detailed look at some of the checkups & maintenance that will be performed incrementally during basic monthly checkups & maintenance:

  1. Basic Website Checkup
  2. Basic Security Checkup
  3. Basic Performance Checkup
  4. Website Health & Integrity Checkup
  5. WordPress Upgrades & Maintenance
  6. Plugin Updates & Maintenance
  7. Theme Updates & Maintenance
  8. Database Bloat & Error Checkup
  9. Website Error Checkup
  10. Plugin Conflicts Checkup
  11. Expired Plugin Checkup
  12. Address Failed Updates
  13. Form Submission Testing
  14. Basic Form Changes & Additions
  15. Lead Capture Box Testing
  16. Navigation Menu Updates
  17. Minor Content Update Support
  18. Minor Changes & Additions Support
  19. Display Management
  20. Sidebar Management
  21. Header Management
  22. Footer Management
  23. Web Design & Development Support
  24. Visual Anomalies Repairs
  25. Spacing, Styling, Formatting Repairs
  26. Installation / Configuration
  27. Mobile + Tablet Issue Checking
  28. Broken Font Checkup
  29. Broken Image Checkup
  30. Broken Link Checkup
  31. Broken Script Checkup
  32. Broken Navigation Link Checkup
  33. Broken Plugin Checkup
  34. Cache Cleaning
  35. Image + Video Display Checkup
  36. Missing Image Checkup
  37. Broken Thumbnail Checkup
  38. Notification Routing Issues
  39. On-Site Search Results Checkup
  40. PHP Version Checking
  41. Outdated Plugins Checkup
  42. Notification Routing
  43. Basic Troubleshooting & Repairs
  44. Review Admin Notifications
  45. Website Maintenance Task Management
  46. 24 Hour Response
  47. And More!

Advanced Maintenance Addon Package

Advanced Monthly Checkups & Maintenance (Addon Package):

Here is a more detailed look at some of the checkups & maintenance that will be performed incrementally during Advanced monthly checkups & maintenance:

The Additional Monthly Maintenance & Support add-on package allows for a huge array of additional maintenance, management, and support. Including additional discounts 🙂

  1. Account Management
  2. Advanced Hosting Support
  3. Priority Active Monitoring
  4. Ecommerce Maintenance & Support
  5. Product Management & Update Support
  6. Basic Technical SEO Checkup
  7. Server Error Repairs
  8. Database Repairs
  9. Renewal Tracking
  10. Unnecessary Fee Checking
  11. Primary Domain Health Check
  12. Domain ID Protection
  13. Domain Contact Info Updating
  14. Domain & Hosting Support
  15. Add-on Domain Support
  16. Troubleshoot Advanced Site Errors
  17. Form Submission Error Repairs
  18. Broken Link Repairs
  19. Redirection Management
  20. Repair Plugin Conflicts & Errors
  21. Outdated Plugin Replacement
  22. Remove Old Plugin Installation Remnants
  23. Remove Old Unused Images + Uploads
  24. Image Replacement + Repairs
  25. Thumbnail Repairs
  26. Email Junk Folder Prevention
  27. Design Improvements
  28. Functionality Improvements
  29. Advanced Form Configurations
  30. Integration Support
  31. Coding Error Repairs
  32. Outdated Content Decommissioning
  33. Manual Page Level Visual Frontend Inspections
  34. Mobile & Tablet Optimization
  35. Remove Old Server Backups
  36. Website Installation Directory Cleaning
  37. Review All Error Logs
  38. Support Ticket Management
  39. Monthly Report

(All issues, errors, and improvements will be recorded and addressed incrementally each month. For any maintenance services required outside of any package, the Hourly Rate will be reduced from $100 per hour to $80 per hour if this Additional Maintenance & Support Package is added on during Checkout. )

Security Package

Additional Monthly Security Maintenance & Monitoring Package:

The Additional Monthly Security Package is critical to safeguarding your website and customer information. A Website is much like a computer and can get pretty infected until it is eventually taken over completely.

Below are some of the issues that will be searched for during the Security Checkup.

  1. Website Vulnerabilities
  2. WordPress Security Best Practises
  3. Database Vulnerabilities
  4. Plugin Vulnerabilities
  5. Theme Vulnerabilities
  6. Review Critical Security Issues
  7. Website Firewall Hardening
  8. Cloudflare / Server Security
  9. File-System / Directory Permissions
  10. Changed File Auditing / Monitoring
  11. Check Root Dir for Strange Files
  12. Installation File & Directory Protection
  13. Content Protection
  14. Iframe Protection
  15. Malware Scanning
  16. Basic Malware Removal – (Hour Rate May Apply for Heavier Infections)
  17. Malicious Code Injection Removals – (Hour Rate May Apply for Heavier Infections)
  18. Malicious Comment Link Removals
  19. Hacked Website Recovery – (Hour Rate May Apply for Heavy Recoveries)
  20. Brute Force Attack Vulnerabilities
  21. Malicious Bot Blocking / Monitoring
  22. Unprotected Error Log(s)
  23. Exposed WordPress & System Info
  24. Website Firewall Status
  25. Website SPAM Comment Filtering + Removals
  26. Contact Form / Signup Form Vulnerability
  27. User Accounts / Unauthorized Users
  28. Weak Website + Database Password
  29. Login Security
  30. Review On-Site Security Logs
  31. SSL Error Checking
  32. HTTPS Enforcement
  33. Admin Security Notifications
  34. Website Error Logging + Alerts
  35. On-Site File + Database Backup Status
  36. Server Side File + Database Backup Status
  37. Website Security Task Management
  38. And More!

(All issues, errors, and improvements will be recorded and addressed incrementally each month.)

With a trained eye at the helm watching for issues and threats, you will have no idea if significant threats are looming… Yet many website owners ignore the need for maintenance, or put it off until something breaks. By then, the problems could be much larger and more costly…

The weekly report below shows just how many security related threats can hit your website in just 1 week…  At the very least, its definitely worth having someone doing security checkups for you as part of  maintenance every month.


Don’t leave your most important digital asset for your business exposed and outdated on the web! If you wake up one day and your website looks like the image below…. will you know what to do…!

Always better to have an actual digital operator at the helm who knows what to watch for and prevent such occurrences from ever reaching that point… Otherwise, your website may get blacklisted by Google and lose all the hard work it took to build up your website and all your traffic… Organic Traffic and Visitors are waaaaaay harder to get these days which makes it even more critical to have someone looking after your business site.

P.S – I was able to recover the website above but it took a lot of unnecessary time.


Performance Package

Additional Monthly Performance Maintenance & Monitoring Package:

Below are some of the issues that will be searched for during the Performance Checkup.

  1. Website Speed Testing
  2. Google PageSpeed Desktop / Mobile Testing
  3. Gtmetrix Speed Testing
  4. Pingdom Speed Testing
  5. Performance Monitoring
  6. Performance Troubleshooting / Bottlenecks
  7. Page-Level Performance Testing
  8. Server Memory & Resource Management
  9. Unnecessary Plugins Management
  10. Slow Bulky Plugin Monitoring
  11. Excessive Theme Addon Management
  12. Cache Management
  13. Excessive Page-Level Scripts
  14. Large Image Scaling & Optimization
  15. Mobile + Tablet Speed Optimization
  16. PDF Optimizations
  17. Site Wide Script Management
  18. Page Level Script Management
  19. CDN / Cloudflare Management
  20. Performance Task Management
  21. And More!

(All issues, errors, and improvements will be recorded and addressed incrementally each month. )

This package is highly recommended to aid rankings, organic traffic, and increase leads & sales. Customers and Search Engines alike prefer a Fast Website. A single second increase can result in a pretty significant ranking and traffic drop making regular performance monitoring and maintenance highly essential.

By applying the right optimizations, your Google Pagespeed Score could go from this:


To THIS! or Higher! google-pagespeed-after-ops


In any case, the ultimate goal is to get your website loading as quickly as possible. Preferably under 1-2 seconds. With your website loading extremely fast on all devices, that will really help maximize search engine rankings, traffic, leads, and sales.


Technical SEO Package

Technical SEO Checkup:

Below are some of the issues that will be searched for during the Technical SEO Checkup.

  1. SEO / Technical SEO Errors
  2. Marketing / Traffic Checkup
  3. Google Error Checking
  4. BING Error Checking
  5. Missing Page Titles, Descriptions
  6. Misused H1, H2, H3
  7. Site-Wide SEO Analysis
  8. Page-Level SEO Analysis
  9. Page Title / Description / Heading Improvements
  10. Missing Image SEO / ALT Tags
  11. Blocked Resources
  12. Broken Links Checkup & Repair
  13. Missing Favicon / Mobile + Tablet Icons
  14. Product Level SEO Analysis
  15. Structured Data / Schema Issues
  16. De-indexed Pages
  17. Internal Linking Improvements
  18. Unnecessary Indexed Pages
  19. Unnecessary Indexed Site Elements
  20. Navigation SEO Issues
  21. Noindex / Nofollow Issues
  22. Redirection Issues
  23. 404 / 410 Errors
  24. Critical Technical SEO Errors
  25. Search Box Relevancy Issues
  26. Search Engine Crawl Error Auditing
  27. Search Engine Friendly URLs Issues
  28. Robot.txt Errors + Opportunities
  29. Sitemap Health
  30. Marketing Task Management
  31. And More!

(All issues, errors, and improvements will be recorded and addressed incrementally each month.)

Don’t let unknown Critical Technical SEO Errors cost your valuable traffic, leads, and sales every month!

Ultimately, you will want your website traffic to be growing while you are working on and developing all the other areas of your business. traffic-climbing

But if you have all kinds of techical marketing issues hampering your efforts in the background, you wont do very well in Google and any other search engines.

Payment Policy

Payment Terms:

To secure a position in scheduling, payment is required prior to all maintenance services. Monthly Payments are required on the 25th of each month. A detailed receipt will be sent at the end of each month. Payment(s) can be made via Website Checkout, Credit Card, or Interac Email Money Transfer.

For enhanced Security, Automatic Deposit has been enabled for all Email Money Transfers. Please make payable to

Additional Requests Not Included in Any Package: (Additional Hourly Rates Applies. )

(For maintenance not included in any package, the Hourly Rate will be reduced from $100 to $80 per Hour if the Additional Maintenance & Support Package is added on during Checkout. )

An additional hourly rate applies for all additional development, features, and other requests not included within any given package. A reasonable Retainer Invoice will be issued upon assessment of overall additional requirements.

Pausing Maintenance or Addon Packages:

To Pause Monthly Maintenance or any of the Additional Addon Packages, a 15 day Pause Notice is required in order to prevent scheduling disruptions.


To Cancel Monthly Maintenance or any of the Additional Addon Packages, a 15 day cancellation notice is required in order to prevent scheduling disruptions.

Thank You For Your Business 🙂

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Website Maintenace that is required varies from month to month. All maintenance related tasks listed within each package will be performed as needed. For any unforseeable maintenance tasks not included within any given package, it is of the discretion of Spenny For Hire as to which tasks will be deemed basic or advanced.

A big part of Website Maintenance is searching for & working through issues. Since plugin conflicts and issues can arise following the updating to later versions of any software, Spenny For Hire cannot be held accountable for any plugin conflicts, site outages, security issues, login issues, spam, or any other technical issues of any kind that arise during or after maintenance. Some additional servicing may be required to troubleshoot & work through additional or new issues. Additional hourly maintenance can be requested during any given month towards deeper issues, or additional development improvements outside of any maintenance package.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.