About Spenny For Hire

Spenny For Hire is a full-service digital assistance company that provides Web Development, Ecommerce, Website Maintenance, Marketing, and Technical Services for businesses across Canada and beyond. Spenny For Hire’s Headquarters is located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia on beautiful Vancouver Island. With today’s technology, all services offered through Spenny for Hire can be done 100% remotely via screen sharing, remote desktop, and other collaboration-based services.

Spenny’s Vision

What drives me is being able to help small businesses in areas where they would otherwise have to hire a whole team of people or expensive tech companies. Why not have one guy you can call that has the skills to cater to All Digital Matters for your business that will actually Pick up the Phone when you Call! Even when he’s fishing 🎣.

Main Focus

Spenny For Hire’s aim is to empower businesses by exposing their weakest digital underbellies and turning them into strengths.

Allow Spenny For Hire to put all the time and money-saving resources, tools, and expertise to work for your business.

Looking forward to Assisting your Business.

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AB: (780)910-8395
BC: (778)557-7783

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