Basic Website Development

Starting At: $399.00

Get a Great Website started for your business today with a nice array of Basic Web Development Services offered on an affordable monthly basis.

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Features & Benefits of the Basic Web Development plan:

Start off on the right foot with a highly customizable starter website package compatible with all of today’s best plugins, tools, browsers, and devices. Your new website will also aid integrations, communications, and marketability.

Domain Name Registration: Secure your online identity with a personalized domain name, establishing credibility and professionalism.

Hosting Assistance: Get reliable hosting services to ensure your website is accessible to visitors at all times, enhancing user experience and search engine rankings.

SSL Security Installation: Protect sensitive information and build trust with visitors by encrypting data transmitted between their browsers and your website.

WordPress Installation: Utilize the popular and user-friendly WordPress platform to easily manage and update your website’s content.

Basic Firewall + Security: Safeguard your website from cyber threats and malicious attacks, ensuring its integrity and reliability.

Theme Installation and Activation: Choose from a variety of pre-designed themes to give your website an appealing and professional look without the need for extensive coding.

Initial Plugin Installations: Enhance the functionality of your website with essential plugins for features like SEO optimization, contact forms, and social media integration.

Standard Pages Creation: Establish a solid foundation for your website with essential pages such as Home, About, Services, and Contact.

Homepage Setup: Capture visitors’ attention and provide an overview of your offerings with a well-designed and informative homepage.

Site Structuring + Layout: Organize your website’s content in a logical and intuitive manner to improve navigation and user experience.

Initial Formatting / Styling: Customize the appearance of your website to align with your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

Navigational Setup / Menu: Create easy-to-use navigation menus to help visitors find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Visual Nav Menus: Enhance navigation with visually appealing menu designs that engage visitors and encourage exploration.

Basic Header + Footer: Design a professional header and footer layout to provide consistency and easy access to important information across your website.

Image Optimization: Optimize images to improve website performance and load times, providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

Photo Galleries: Showcase your products, services, or portfolio with attractive and interactive photo galleries.

Sections, Blocks, Tables: Organize content into sections, blocks, and tables to improve readability and accessibility for visitors.

Desktop + Mobile Design: Ensure your website looks great and functions smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices, reaching a wider audience.

Contact Forms + Routing: Enable visitors to easily get in touch with you and route inquiries to the appropriate departments for timely responses.

1 Year FREE Hosting, SSL Certificate, Elementor Page Builder Pro: Enjoy one year of FREE Hosting, SSL certificate, and Elementor Page Builder Pro, complements of Spenny For Hire.

With a website management system in place at the core of your site and business, it will be far easier to expand on it further and add the dynamic functional customers expect from a website in today’s market. If eCommerce is required now or in the future, having a WordPress Website will allow a product management system to be easily added.

Basic Web Development

(1st Month Retainer + Hourly Until Complete.)
$ 399
/1st Month
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting Assistance
  • SSL Security Installation
  • WordPress Installation
  • Basic Firewall + Security
  • Source Applicable Theme
  • Theme Installation / Activation
  • Initial Plugin Installations
  • Standard Pages Creation
  • Homepage Setup
  • Site Structuring + Layout
  • Initial Formatting / Styling
  • Navigational Setup / Menu
  • Visual Nav Menus
  • Basic Header + Footer
  • Image Optimization
  • Photo Galleries
  • Sections, Blocks, Tables
  • Desktop + Mobile Design
  • Contact Forms + Routing
  • Imagery, Fonts, Icons
  • FAQ Management
  • Testimonial Management
  • User Account + Login Info
  • Email Account + Setup Info
  • 1 Year FREE Hosting
  • 1 Year FREE SSL Certificate
  • 1 Year FREE Elementor Pro

Advanced Web Development

(1st Month Retainer + Hourly Until Complete.)​
$ 499
/1st Month
  • ANY of Basic Development+
  • Complex Page Development
  • Complex Form Development
  • 3rd Party + API Integrations
  • 3D + Animation + Effects
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Advanced Sliders
  • Advanced Galleries
  • Advanced Coding
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Design Elements
  • Dynamic Content Display
  • Polishing, Tweaking, Awesomeness
  • Advanced Landing Pages
  • Heavy Article Management
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Blog Display Management
  • Full Domain Management
  • Advanced DNS Management
  • Heavy Hosting Support
  • Full Website Migrations
  • Advanced Content Structuring
  • Theme Replacement
  • Template Kit Installations
  • Complex Header Development
  • Complex Footer Development
  • Language Translations
  • Advanced Navigation + Icons
  • Advanced Mobile Navigation
  • Register / Login System
  • Advanced Plugin Testing
  • Visual Navigations
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Advanced Table Development
  • Advanced Sidebar Management
  • Consultation & Tutoring

Benefits of Using WordPress For Website Management:

  • Stable, Innovative, And Compatible With All Mainstream Online Services
  • 100% Customizable, Attractive Design Options, Templates, Easier To Style
  • Thousands of Themes To Choose From As A Starter Helpful Demo Content
  • Easy To Structure Manage Content
  • Can Assess Manage Your Website From Any Computer or Mobile
  • No Coding or Ftp Software Required like on HTML Static sites
  • Beautiful Drag Drop Page Builders Available Such As Elementor Page Builder
  • Owners Staff Can Have Access To Add Or Update Content Information
  • Don’t Have To Rely On A Programmer To Make Basic Changes
  • Dynamic Functional Interactive Elements Visitors Will Enjoy
  • Can Manage Scripts, Styles, And Functional Elements Much Easier
  • Integrates With Most Mainstream Third-Party Services
  • Compatible With Most Major Form Application Builders
  • Compatible With Most Major Plugins, Add-Ons, And 3rd Party Online Services
  • Easy to add Food Menu Management, Order Online, Payment Processing
  • Search Engine Optimization Is Much Easier To Implement Manage
  • Flexible, Scalable, Fast And Efficient
  • Supports All Mobile Devices
  • Continuous Development, Support, And Updates World Wide
  • Its Future-Proof, Expandable, Upgradable, and Customizable to any Business Model