Advanced Website Development

Starting At: $499.00

Unleash the full potential of your website with some Advanced Website Development techniques. Enhance the digital heart of your business and stay ahead of the competition.

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Features & benefits of the Advanced Web Development plan:

Complex Page Development: Create intricate and visually stunning web pages tailored to your specific requirements and design preferences.

Complex Form Development: Build advanced forms with custom functionalities and validation to collect user data effectively and securely.

3rd Party + API Integrations: Integrate third-party services and APIs to extend the functionality of your website and enhance user experience.

3D + Animation + Effects: Incorporate dynamic 3D elements, animations, and effects to captivate visitors and create an immersive browsing experience.

User Roles and Permissions: Implement granular user roles and permissions to control access to sensitive areas of your website and manage user privileges effectively.

Advanced Sliders and Galleries: Showcase your content with sophisticated sliders and galleries that engage users and highlight your products or services effectively.

Advanced Coding and Troubleshooting: Utilize advanced coding techniques and troubleshooting skills to customize and optimize your website for performance and functionality.

Interactive Design Elements: Integrate interactive design elements such as interactive maps, hover effects, and parallax scrolling to enhance user engagement and interactivity.

Dynamic Content Display: Display dynamic content that adapts to user behavior, preferences, or external factors, providing personalized experiences for each visitor.

Advanced Landing Pages: Create high-converting landing pages with advanced features and functionalities to drive user engagement and conversions.

Heavy Article Management: Manage large volumes of articles or blog posts efficiently with advanced content management systems and tools.

Full Domain and DNS Management: Take full control of your domain and DNS settings to manage your online presence effectively and ensure seamless website operation.

Heavy Hosting Support and Migrations: Receive comprehensive support for hosting-related issues and migrate your website seamlessly to a new hosting provider or server.

Advanced Content Structuring: Organize and structure your website’s content effectively to improve navigation and user experience.

Theme Replacement and Template Kit Installations: Replace or customize existing themes and install template kits to achieve the desired look and functionality for your website.

Complex Header and Footer Development: Design and develop complex header and footer layouts with advanced features and functionalities.

Language Translations: Provide multilingual support for your website with advanced language translation capabilities, catering to a global audience.

Advanced Navigation and Icons: Implement sophisticated navigation menus and icons to improve website usability and enhance visual appeal.

Advanced Mobile Navigation: Optimize mobile navigation for a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets, ensuring accessibility and usability on all devices.

Consultation and Tutoring: Receive expert guidance and tutoring to make informed decisions about your website’s development and optimization, maximizing its effectiveness and performance.

Basic Web Development

(1st Month Retainer + Hourly Until Complete.)
$ 399
/1st Month
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting Assistance
  • SSL Security Installation
  • WordPress Installation
  • Basic Firewall + Security
  • Source Applicable Theme
  • Theme Installation / Activation
  • Initial Plugin Installations
  • Standard Pages Creation
  • Homepage Setup
  • Site Structuring + Layout
  • Initial Formatting / Styling
  • Navigational Setup / Menu
  • Visual Nav Menus
  • Basic Header + Footer
  • Image Optimization
  • Photo Galleries
  • Sections, Blocks, Tables
  • Desktop + Mobile Design
  • Contact Forms + Routing
  • Imagery, Fonts, Icons
  • FAQ Management
  • Testimonial Management
  • User Account + Login Info
  • Email Account + Setup Info
  • 1 Year FREE Hosting
  • 1 Year FREE SSL Certificate
  • 1 Year FREE Elementor Pro

Advanced Web Development

(1st Month Retainer + Hourly Until Complete.)​
$ 499
/1st Month
  • ANY of Basic Development+
  • Complex Page Development
  • Complex Form Development
  • 3rd Party + API Integrations
  • 3D + Animation + Effects
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Advanced Sliders
  • Advanced Galleries
  • Advanced Coding
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Design Elements
  • Dynamic Content Display
  • Polishing, Tweaking, Awesomeness
  • Advanced Landing Pages
  • Heavy Article Management
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Blog Display Management
  • Full Domain Management
  • Advanced DNS Management
  • Heavy Hosting Support
  • Full Website Migrations
  • Advanced Content Structuring
  • Theme Replacement
  • Template Kit Installations
  • Complex Header Development
  • Complex Footer Development
  • Language Translations
  • Advanced Navigation + Icons
  • Advanced Mobile Navigation
  • Register / Login System
  • Advanced Plugin Testing
  • Visual Navigations
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Advanced Table Development
  • Advanced Sidebar Management
  • Consultation & Tutoring