Website Monitoring

Choose your affordable website monitoring plan.

Basic Site Monitoring

(Up to 30min Towards Basic Repairs)
(Additional Hours Can Be Purchased as Needed)
$ 99
/ Month
  • Basic Website Monitoring
  • Regular WordPress Upgrades
  • Regular Plugin Updates
  • Regular Theme Updates
  • Failed Update Monitoring
  • Mobile Issue Monitoring
  • Plugin Conflict Monitoring
  • Critical Error Monitoring
  • Basic Security Monitoring
  • Web SPAM Monitoring
  • Broken Page Monitoring
  • Basic Performance Monitoring
  • Cache Issue Monitoring
  • Broken Image & Link Monitoring
  • Broken Script Monitoring
  • Form Error Monitoring
  • Outage & Uptime Monitoring
  • SSL Error Monitoring
  • Admin Notification Management
  • Failed License Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Response

Advanced Site Monitoring

(Up to 1 Hour Towards Advanced Repairs)
(Additional Hours Can Be Purchased as Needed)
$ 149
/ Month
  • Everything in Basic Plan +
  • Advanced Issue Monitoring
  • Advanced Security Monitoring
  • Regular Malware Monitoring
  • Plugin Conflict Monitoring
  • Abandoned Plugin Monitoring
  • Theme Conflict Monitoring
  • Mobile Issue Monitoring
  • Checkout Issue Monitoring
  • Ecommerce Issue Monitoring
  • Plugin Garbage Monitoring
  • Memory Issue Monitoring
  • Technical SEO Monitoring
  • Google Error Monitoring
  • Database Error Monitoring
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Server Error Monitoring
  • Domain Health Monitoring
  • Renewal Monitoring
  • High Priority Response
Website Monitoring Plan FAQs

The level of support needed is based on their overall size, complexity, and traffic levels of a website.

A Free Initial Assessment will be provided to help determine which package is most likely needed.

The Basic and Advanced Website Monitoring Plans cater to two possible scenarios:

Basic Monitoring – For smaller websites that don’t need as much maintenance but require active monitoring to as a preventative measure.

Advanced Monitoring – For sites that have a lot of plugins, get a good bit of traffic, or contain functioning ecommerce should have more active monitoring as there is a lot more that could go wrong. Especially for businesses that require their website for lead generation.

In any case, being your website is the face of your company and brand, having it contain issues can have a dramatic effect on your overall sales, promotional, or marketing efforts.

A Free Initial Assessment will be provided to help determine which package is most likely needed.

For Websites well overdue for maintenance, or that require a lot more than just monitoring, a Basic or Advanced Maintenance Plan would allow for a lot more active maintenance and repairs.