Website Performance Optimization

Starting At: $499.00

Website Performance Optimization Package:

  • Performance Maintenance / Tasks
  • Google PageSpeed Desktop / Mobile Testing
  • Gtmetrix Speed Testing / Optimizations
  • Pingdom Speed Testing / Optimizations
  • Memory & Resource Limit Increases
  • Abandoned Plugin Assessment / Replacements
  • Old Broken Plugin Removal / Replacement
  • Unnecessary Plugin + Addon Decommissioning
  • Slow Bulky Plugin Replacement Auditing
  • Disable Unnecessary Theme Options / Addons
  • Disabling Unnecessary Elements / Addons
  • Object + Browser Caching
  • Cache Maintenance / Flushing
  • Coding Optimizations & Repairs
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript Optimization
  • Remove Old Unused CSS
  • Page-Level Script Management
  • Pre-Loading Elements
  • Defer Loading of JavaScripts
  • Script Optimization Exclusion Management
  • Database Optimization / Cleaning
  • Cron Control
  • Remove Old Unused Images + Uploads
  • Server Performance Testing & Recommendations
  • Upgrade to Newer PHP
  • Hosting Support Collaborative Performance Efforts
  • Image + Video Loading Optimization
  • Image Optimizations
  • Large Image Reductions / Optimization
  • Lazy Loading Images + Videos
  • Page-Level Performance Tweaking
  • Mobile + Tablet Speed Testing / Optimizations
  • Reduce Render Blocking
  • External HTTP Request Optimization
  • Server Cleanup / Junk Removal
  • Server Related Caching
  • Performance Troubleshooting
  • Issue + Manage Applicable Support Tickets
  • Pre-Maintenance Full Site + Database Backup
  • Final Full Site + Database Backup
(Additional hours apply for inclusion of any specialty performance services)
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This Website Performance Optimization Package includes a large array of performance tasks geared towards speeding up your website. If your site is receiving a low overall speed score on sites like GTmetrix, Google Pagespeed, and Pingdom, the performance ops in this package are very likely to dramatically increase overall speed scores in all of them at once. Usually results in speed score increases to between 85% – 99% A+ Rating.

An hourly rate applies to all additional performance optimizations, troubleshooting, consultation, or any additional or advanced performance-related services outside of this package.

Payment Policy

To secure a position in scheduling, payment will be required prior to service. A fully detailed invoice will be sent once the retainer amount has depleted. Payment(s) can be by Interac Email Money Transfer or by Credit Card via Paypal.

For enhanced Security, Automatic Deposit has been enabled for all Email Money Transfers. Please make payable to [email protected]

All fees are non-refundable.

The client will be responsible for any premium versions of tools required by their business as they are needed. All monthly or annual renewal fees will be the responsibility of the Customer.

If you have any questions prior to ordering, please feel free to get in touch.

Terms & Conditions

There are many factors that will determine website speed and the final performance gains that result from the optimization efforts. External Factors such as quality of hosting, the number of plugins installed, use of videos, external resources, translation software, and many other factors will determine if additional performance ops will be required following this initial basic optimization package. The exact ops that are able to be applied will be based on the complexity of the website installation requiring them. Since every website installation and configuration can differ a great deal, not all optimization efforts listed within this package may be applied in some cases. In the event a particular performance measure cannot be applied, it will be investigated as to the reason it could not be instead and can be applied during future maintenance.

Beyond initial consultation, Spenny For Hire cannot be expected to provide free ongoing performance-related consultations. Spenny For Hire cannot be held accountable for any plugin conflicts, site outages, security issues, login issues, visual anomalies, mobile issues, or any other functional or technical issues and errors of any kind that arise following performance maintenance. However, the front-end public-facing pages will be checked repeatedly during the performance ops and if such a visual or functional issue arises, the performance measure causing this issue will be scaled back or disabled to compensate. There is always more that can be done in performance optimizations and countless ops that can be applied. The aim here is to apply the safest most mainstream heavy ops that have been tested very heavily by developers worldwide.

Some additional servicing may be required to troubleshoot, work through additional new performance issues, manage support tickets, and provide any follow-ups until resolved. A Backup will also be made before and after maintenance.

An additional hourly rate applies to all additional performance ops required, troubleshooting, support ticket management, plugin replacement research, or any advanced additional performance measures required outside of this package and will be subject to approval. Any Premium Versions of any plugins or tools required to aide performance gains will be recommended if needed. The website owner will be responsible for all premium plugin fees and renewals.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.