WordPress Managed Basic Maintenance Plan

Starting At: $149.00

This Monthly WordPress Managed Basic Maintenance Plan includes various efforts & improvements to help keep your site functioning properly.

WordPress Managed Basic Maintenance Plan:

Basic WordPress Maintenance
Basic Plugin Updates
Basic Theme Updates
Basic Content Updates
Basic Products Updates
Basic Styling Updates
Basic Menu Updates
Basic SSL Maintenance
Basic Cache Maintenance
Basic Error Maintenance
Visual Anomaly Repair
Basic Image Management
Basic Script Management
Basic Code Management
Basic Website Security
Basic Performance Ops
Basic Configuration
Broken Link & Repair
Error & Security Logging
Basic Mobile Ops
Basic Site Improvements
Monthly Onsite Backups
Basic Image Optimization
Basic Hosting Support
Basic Domain Support
Basic Admin Monitoring
Basic Task Management
Basic Renewal Management
Support within 48 hours
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(Additional hours apply for inclusion of any specialty maintenance services)
Product total
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Grand total

Payment Policy

Thanks for your interest in this Basic Maintenance Plan. To secure a position in scheduling, payment will be required on 1st of each Month. Once payment is received, the work will be scheduled immediately. No refunds are possible. Cancel any time.

Payment can be by Interac Email Money Transfer or by Credit Card via Paypal. For enhanced Security, Automatic Deposit has been enabled for all Email Money Transfers. Please make payable to [email protected]

All monthly or annual renewal fees will be the responsibility of the Customer.

Terms & Conditions

WordPress is a Website Management System made up of thousands of files, scripts, plugins, addons, themes, security, and many other functional elements that require regular updating. Software developers are constantly making improvements and rolling out security patches for your website. If a WordPress website is left to sit unattended without receiving any of those updates, and other regularly needed maintenance, many errors and vulnerabilities can develop that can cost you sales or even website outages.

Since plugin conflicts and issues can arise following the updating to later versions, we cannot be held accountable for any plugin conflicts, site outages, security issues, login issues, spam, or any other technical issues of any kind that arise during or after maintenance. Some additional servicing may be required to troubleshoot work through. Additional hourly maintenance can be requested within any given month towards deeper issues, or additional development improvements outside of this maintenance package.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.