Basic Ecommerce Development

Starting At: $399.00

This Basic Ecommerce Starter Package will provide Online Ordering capabilities using the WooCommerce eCommerce System.

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Benefits of the E-commerce Development Plan

Efficient Ecommerce Installation: Ecommerce installation streamlines the setup process, getting your online store up and running quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Security: Basic additional security measures protect your ecommerce website and customer data, ensuring safe and secure transactions.

Tailored Configurations: Basic configurations customize your ecommerce platform to meet your specific needs and preferences, optimizing functionality and usability.

Professional Storefront Development: Storefront development creates a visually appealing and user-friendly online store, attracting and retaining customers.

Detailed Order and Sales Tracking: Order and sales tracking provide valuable insights into customer behavior and purchasing patterns, informing marketing and sales strategies.

Optimized Store Layout and Navigation: Store layout and navigation ensure that customers can easily find and purchase products, improving user experience and conversion rates.

Mobile Responsiveness: Mobile responsiveness ensures that your ecommerce website is accessible and functional on all devices, capturing mobile shoppers and maximizing sales opportunities.

Seamless Shopping Cart and Checkout Experience: Shopping cart and checkout optimization streamline the purchasing process, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing sales.

Efficient Sales and Promo Management: Sales and promo management tools enable you to run effective promotions and discounts, boosting sales and customer engagement.

Effective Product Management: Product management tools simplify the process of adding, editing, and managing products, saving time and improving efficiency.

Customizable Product Pages: Product page customization allows you to showcase your products effectively, highlighting key features and benefits to drive conversions.

Comprehensive Product Information: Product info tabs, categories, variations, images, galleries, and video embedding provide customers with detailed information, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

Streamlined Product Inquiry Process: Product inquiry buttons, forms, and embedded menus make it easy for customers to ask questions and request information, improving communication and customer satisfaction.

Personalized Order Email: Order email customization adds a professional touch to your ecommerce transactions, enhancing the customer experience.

Effective Product Search: Basic product search functionality helps customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, reducing frustration and improving user experience.

Optimized Payment and Shipping: Basic payment gateway, tax configuration, and shipping configuration options ensure smooth and secure transactions, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

Convenient User Account Management: Register, account, and login pages simplify the user experience, allowing customers to track orders and manage their accounts effortlessly.

SEO-Friendly URL Structure: SEO-friendly URLs improve your ecommerce website’s visibility in search engine results, driving organic traffic and increasing sales.

Prompt Order Notifications: Order notifications keep customers informed about their purchases, reducing inquiries and providing peace of mind.

Basic Ecommerce Development

(1st Month Retainer + Hourly Until Complete.)
$ 399
/ 1st Month
  • Ecommerce Installation
  • Basic Security
  • Basic Configurations
  • Storefront Development
  • Order & Sales Tracking
  • Store Layout / Navigation
  • Store Mobile Responsiveness
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Sales & Promo Management
  • Product Management
  • Product Page Customization
  • Product & Service Pages
  • Product Info Tabs
  • Product Categories
  • Basic Product Variations
  • Product Images
  • Product Galleries
  • Product Page Video Embedding
  • Product Inquiry Button​
  • Product Inquiry Forms​
  • Embedded Product Menus
  • Order Email Customization
  • Basic Product Search
  • Footer Product Menus
  • Package Development
  • Stock + Order Management
  • Basic Payment Gateway
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Basic Tax Configuration
  • Basic Shipping Configuration
  • Register, Account, Login PGs
  • Shop Manager Login
  • SEO Friendly URL's
  • Order Notifications

Advanced Ecommerce Development

(1st Month Retainer + Hourly Until Complete.)
$ 599
/ 1st Month
  • Advanced Pricing Tables
  • Conditional Pricing & Discounts
  • Conditional Payment Methods
  • Product Based Payment Types
  • Advanced Shipping Methods
  • Product Based Shipping
  • Shipping & Delivery Zones
  • Complex Handling Fees
  • Canada Post Integration
  • Delivery Tracking Systems
  • Advanced Pickup & Delivery
  • Advanced Security Hardening
  • Anti-Fraud Security
  • Advanced Payment Routing
  • Complex Product Variations
  • Advanced Store Navigation
  • Custom Checkout Page
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Product Sliders + Carousels
  • POS Installation
  • Existing POS Integrations
  • Security Compliance Support
  • Dropshipping Installation
  • Reservation Systems
  • Booking Systems
  • Deep Nested Categories
  • Custom Product Pages
  • Custom Shopping Cart
  • Order PDFs, Packing Slips
  • Coupon Management
  • Gift Card System
  • Paid Memberships
  • Paid Subscriptions
  • Customer Experience Testing
  • Advanced Store Themes
  • Advanced Product Search
  • Customer & Product Relevency
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Custom Thank You Pages
  • Franchising
  • Ecommerce Marketing Support
  • Consultation & Tutoring


Start off on the right foot with a highly customizable eCommerce platform that can cater to the exact needs of your business. With a versatile product management system integrated at the core of your new site, customers will have a streamlined seamless checkout experience right on your website rather than being redirected to some third-party system that charges you fees.

Benefits of using Woocommerce eCommerce Order Online System

  • Stable, Innovative, And Compatible With All Mainstream Online Services
  • 100% Customizable, Attractive Product Checkout Pages
  • Easy to Add or Change Food Menus Items
  • Can Manage Your Food Menus, Titles, Descriptions, and Pricing From Any Computer or Mobile
  • No Coding or Ftp Software Required like on HTML Static sites
  • Can Have Featured Menu Items, Related, and Specials
  • Compatible with Elementor Page Builder
  • Owners Staff Can be Given Access To Add Or Update Pricing
  • Don’t Have To Rely On A Programmer To Make Basic Changes
  • Dynamic Functional Streamlined Checkout Experience for Customers
  • Integrates With Most Third-Party Services such as Host ME Reservations
  • Compatible With Most Major Form Application Builders
  • Compatible With Most Major Plugins, Add-Ons, And 3rd Party Online Services
  • Easy to add Food Menu Management, Order Online, Payment Processing
  • Search Engine Optimization Ready
  • Flexible, Scalable, Fast, And Efficient
  • Supports All Mobile Devices
  • Continuous Development, Support, And Updates World Wide
  • Its Future-Proof, Expandable, Upgradable, and Customizable to any Restaurant Model