WordPress Advanced Security Package

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This Advanced Security Package is geared towards heavier protection & security improvements to your website.

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Features & Benefits of the Advanced Web Security plan:

Enhanced Website Login Protection: Implement advanced authentication methods to secure user logins, such as biometric authentication or single sign-on (SSO).

Comprehensive Security Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of your website for potential security threats and vulnerabilities, providing real-time alerts and notifications.

Proactive Security Maintenance: Regular updates and patches to your website’s security infrastructure to ensure it remains resilient against emerging threats.

Advanced Security Hardening: Strengthen your website’s defenses against cyber attacks with advanced security hardening measures and protocols.

Robust Database Security: Implement advanced encryption and access controls to protect sensitive data stored in your website’s database from unauthorized access.

Effective SPAM Protection: Deploy sophisticated SPAM filters and algorithms to prevent unwanted and malicious content from infiltrating your website.

Malicious Bot Protection: Utilize advanced bot detection and blocking mechanisms to defend against automated attacks and malicious bot activity.

Thorough Brute-Force Attack Prevention: Implement advanced measures to detect and prevent brute-force attacks, such as IP rate limiting or CAPTCHA challenges.

Comprehensive Malware Scanning: Thorough scanning of your website for malware and malicious code to identify and remove any security threats.

Continuous Vulnerable Plugin Monitoring: Regular monitoring and updating of plugins to mitigate vulnerabilities and prevent potential exploits.

Persistent Important File Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of critical website files for unauthorized changes or tampering to maintain the integrity of your website.

Continuous Website Change Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring for any changes made to your website’s content or configuration, providing early detection of security breaches.

Persistent Changed File Monitoring: Continuous monitoring for changes to website files to detect unauthorized modifications or malware injections.

Persistent Strange File Monitoring: Continuous identification and investigation of unusual or suspicious files on your website that may indicate a security threat.

Comprehensive File and Directory Protection: Enhanced security measures to safeguard website files and directories from unauthorized access and manipulation.

User Account Security Enhancements: Advanced measures to protect user accounts from unauthorized access, such as multi-factor authentication or account lockdown features.

Advanced Form Protection: Advanced techniques to secure web forms against injection attacks and data breaches, ensuring the confidentiality of user-submitted information.

File Upload Security Enhancements: Advanced security measures to prevent malicious file uploads that could compromise your website’s integrity.

Automated Site and Database Backups: Automated and regular backups of your website and database to ensure data integrity and facilitate quick recovery in case of a security incident.

Real-Time Website Outage Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of website uptime and performance to detect and address any issues that may impact availability or accessibility in real-time.

Advanced Security Management: Comprehensive management of your website’s security infrastructure, including proactive threat mitigation and incident response.

Regular Vulnerability Audits: Scheduled audits to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

Enhanced Domain and Hosting Security: Implementation of advanced security measures to protect your domain and hosting infrastructure from cyber threats and attacks.

Account and Password Hardening: Strengthening of user account and password security through advanced authentication methods and password policies.

Regular Security Audits: Regular assessments and audits of your website’s security posture to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices.

Dynamic Monitoring and Blocking of Malicious IPs: Dynamic monitoring and blocking of known malicious IP addresses to prevent unauthorized access and attacks.

High Offender Country Blocking: Blocking of traffic from countries known for high levels of malicious activity to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting: Management of blacklists and whitelists to control access to your website and protect against unauthorized access.

Content Protection: Protection of your website’s content from unauthorized copying, distribution, or modification to safeguard intellectual property rights.

Ecommerce Security Hardening: Strengthening of security measures specifically tailored to protect ecommerce websites and online transactions.

Real-Time Threat Analysis: Continuous analysis of security threats and vulnerabilities to identify and respond to emerging threats in real-time.

Advanced Malicious File Analysis: In-depth analysis of malicious files to understand their behavior and characteristics for more effective threat mitigation.

Deep Malware Scanning: Thorough scanning of your website for malware and malicious code to detect and remove any security threats.

Comprehensive Malicious Code Removal: Removal of malicious code and scripts from your website to restore its integrity and security.

Effective Malware Removal: Thorough removal of malware infections from your website to eliminate security threats and prevent further damage.

Intruder Removal Services: Detection and removal of unauthorized intruders or malicious actors from your website to prevent data breaches or unauthorized access.

Customer Authentication Services: Implementation of advanced customer authentication methods to verify the identity of users and protect against account takeover attacks.

Malicious Email Support: Protection against malicious emails and phishing attacks through advanced email security measures and threat detection technologies.

Role Management: Management of user roles and permissions to control access to sensitive areas of your website and ensure proper segregation of duties.

Full Backup Protection: Comprehensive protection of your website and database backups to prevent data loss or corruption and ensure quick recovery in case of a security incident.

Offsite Backup Storage: Storage of website backups in secure offsite locations to provide an additional layer of protection against data loss or theft.

Security Task Management: Efficient management and execution of security-related tasks and activities to ensure timely response to security incidents and threats.

High Priority Response: Priority response to security incidents and inquiries to minimize downtime and mitigate potential damage to your website and business.

Basic Web Security

(Basic Monthly Security Monitoring & Maintenance)
(Hourly Rate Applies for All Advanced Security)
$ 149
/ MO
  • Website Login Protection
  • Basic Security Monitoring
  • Basic Security Maintenance
  • Basic Security Hardening
  • Basic Database Security
  • Website SPAM Protection
  • Malicious Bot Protection
  • Brute-Force Attack Prevention
  • Basic Malware Scanning
  • Vulnerable Plugin Monitoring
  • Important File Monitoring
  • Website Change Monitoring
  • Changed File Monitoring
  • Strange File Monitoring
  • File + Directory Protection
  • User Account Security
  • Basic Form Protection
  • File Upload Security
  • Basic Site Backups
  • Basic Database Backups
  • Website Outage Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Response

Advanced Web Security

(Additional 1 Hour Advanced Monitoring & Maintenance)
(Hourly Rate Applies for All Additional Assistance)
$ 249
/ MO
  • Everything in Basic Security Plan +
  • Advanced Security Management
  • Vulnerability Auditing
  • Domain & Hosting Security
  • Account + Password Hardening
  • Regular Security Audits
  • Monitor and Block Malicious IPs
  • High Offender Country Blocking
  • Blacklisting and Whitelisting
  • Content Protection
  • Ecommerce Security Hardening
  • Real-Time Threat Analysis
  • Malicious File Analysis
  • Deep Malware Scanning
  • Malicious Code Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Intruder Removal
  • Customer Authentication
  • Malicious Email Support
  • Role Management
  • Full Backup Protection
  • Offsite Backup Storage
  • Security Task Management
  • High Priority Response

This website and eCommerce security checkup & hardening package include a wide array of security hardening & prevention measures. However, despite best efforts, websites can still get hacked due to hosting issues, WordPress vulnerabilities, plugin exploits, or theme vulnerabilities developers have not yet patched.

The Need for Regular Security Monitoring & Maintenance

Hackers & Bots scour the web in searching for vulnerabilities on un-maintained websites that are not being monitored. Businesses that are serious about their web presence, growth, online reputation, and the safety of their website and customer data need an experienced operator that knows what to watch for preventing such issues from ever happening. Especially when it comes to security issues. A website can in many ways be compared to a computer. It runs on both hardware and software and is just as susceptible to malware, ransomware, and remote takeover as your computer is. It requires a firewall, security hardening, best security practices, and ongoing scanning and monitoring to quarantine such threats before they get out of hand. Your website is after all a major public-facing element of your business and you don’t want it contaminated with spammy bad links or infecting your customer’s computers and phones. Sites that are left to sit unmonitored will grow more and more vulnerable and will eventually fall prey to infection, bad backlinks, malicious redirects, or total website takeover. Especially site owners with weak WordPress + Database + FTP Passwords.

Infections Leading to Banning, Blacklisting, and Total Removal Off of Search Engines

Once infected, Google and other search engines will quickly Ban the entire website and purge all your valuable links out of the search results in order to keep the public safe. This type of scenario can result in enormous unnecessary additional costs for business owners already struggling to survive. The severity of the malicious takeover and recovery time, if even possible still, will determine how quickly administrators can get the site back up and start to get it listed again in the search engines. Without someone watching for such a scenario, it could go unnoticed for a long time allowing competitors to outflank and steal all leads and sales making traffic and business recovery all take a lot longer to recover.

With a trained eye at the helm watching for issues and threats, you will have no idea if significant threats are looming… Yet many website owners ignore the need for maintenance, or put it off until something breaks. By then, the problems could be much larger and more costly…

The weekly report below shows just how many security-related threats can hit your website in just 1 week… At the very least, its definitely worth having someone doing security checkups for you as part of maintenance every month.


Don’t leave your most important digital asset for your business exposed and outdated on the web! If you wake up one day and your website looks like the image below…. will you know what to do…!

Super Hacked Website

I was able to recover the website above but it took a lot of unnecessary time.

Other Threats:

Unauthorized Intruders

Without regular security maintenance and monitoring, its only a matter of time before a bad actor exploits a weakness in your websites defenses. Your only as secure as your weakest link….

SPAMMY Form Submissions

Unprotected Forms and Lead Captures can lead to a ton of malicious spammy submissions and flood your site with bad links.

Attackers Probing for Vulnerabilities

Hackers & Bots use software to probe unsuspecting sites until they find a vulnerability to exploit. Any site left to sit alone is a target.

Hacked Website

Once a website is heavily infected, pretty tough to take back control of it and repair all the damages. It can turn out to be quite costly at times if even repairable at all…

Malicious Redirections

Once a site is infiltrated, they can redirect all your customers to malicious websites to help spread malware, steal your customer’s information, and likely infect their computers and mobile devices as well. Dont be the reason for their dimise…

Once a Website Gets Compromised

Once this happens, it can quickly escalate and can cost more then an entire year’s worth of monthly maintenance charges to get a handle on. The damage can be super extensive often resulting in having to fight multiple attackers are once…

Heavy Website Infections

Once a website becomes heavily infected, it can be a huge job to cleanup and repair all the damages if it is even possible at all… Best to avoid such threats in the first place!

Always better to have an actual digital operator at the helm who knows what to watch for and prevent such occurrences from ever reaching that point… Otherwise, your website may get blacklisted by Google and lose all the hard work it took to build up your website and all your traffic… Organic Traffic and Visitors are waaaaaay harder to get these days which makes it even more critical to have someone looking after your business site.

Have a Technical Expert look under the hood for you to ensure nothing sinister is lurking. Book your WordPress WooCommerce Security Checkup Today!

WordPress Advanced Security Checkups & Maintenance

Here is a list of the sort of advanced security measures and maintenance that will be incrementally performed during regular monthly security maintenance:

Website Software / Installation Security Efforts:

  • Website Installation Integrity Assessment + Repairs
  • WordPress Security Best Practises
  • Database Prefix + Password Hardening
  • Outdated Abandoned Plugin Removal / Replacement Efforts
  • PHP Version Assessment + Upgrading
  • Theme Vulnerability Assessment + Hardening
  • Changed File Monitoring / Auditing
  • Check Root Dir for Strange Files
  • Disable Directory Indexing and Browsing From Hackers
  • Disable File Editor From Hackers
  • Disallow PHP Executions From Hackers
  • Enable WordPress Minor Version Auto-Updates
  • Excessive Addons Assessment / Removals
  • File-System / Directory Permissions Hardening

Advanced Security Measures / Maintenance:

  • Address Critical Advanced Security Vulnerabilities
  • Anti Fraud Detection + Prevention
  • Anti-Bot Protection / Monitoring
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Bad Backlink Checking / Removal Efforts
  • Enable Strong Password Requirements
  • Malicious Bot Blocking / Monitoring
  • Content Copy Prevention
  • Malware Scanning + Analysis + Full Removal
  • Hide Error Log + WordPress Version Info
  • Rogue Country / Foreign IP Blocking
  • Website Firewall Installation or Replacement
  • Firewall Configurations / Advanced Security Hardening
  • Website Firewall Checking / Configurations
  • Website Security & Vulnerability Penetration Testing
  • Website SPAM Comment Filtering + Removal

Form Security:

  • Contact Form / Signup Form Security
  • Web Form / Application Form Security
  • Lead Capture Security
  • Recaptcha Installation / Management

Login Security:

  • User Accounts Assessment
  • User Permissions Hardening
  • Weak Website + Database Password Assessment / Hardening
  • Multi-Factor Login Authentication
  • Login Security / IP Whitelisting
  • Website Keys + Salts Password Changing / Hardening

Backup Security:

  • Backup .Htaccess + Wp-Config
  • Full On-Site Website & Database Backup
  • Full Server Side Website + Database Backups

Security Administration:

  • Enable Admin Security Notifications
  • Enable Website Error Logging + Alerts
  • Review On-Site Security Logs
  • Review Server Level Security Logs
  • Priority / Emergency Response

Server Security Administration:

  • Cloudflare Security Hardening (If Applicable)
  • Server Firewall Activation (Subject to Hosting Availability)
  • SSL Error Checking / Maintenance
  • SSL Error Checking + Repairs
  • Enforce HTTPS on all Links
  • Domain Blacklist Checking + Removal Efforts
  • Domain Health & Protection Assessment
  • Domain ID Protection Implementation
  • Email Authentication Measures

(All issues, errors, and improvements will be recorded and addressed incrementally each month.)

Since additional errors, conflicts, and issues can arise during security implementation & configuration that take additional time address beyond the original scope of this security package, Spenny For Hire cannot be held accountable for any plugin conflicts, site outages, security issues, login issues, spam, or any other functional or technical issues and errors of any kind as a result of applying the security best practises within the above package. It is always best to work through any issues that arise rather then scale back security measures leaving a site owner more vulnerable.

Some additional security-related servicing may be required to troubleshoot, work through additional newly revealed issues, manage support tickets, and provide any followups. An additional hourly rate applies to all additional security maintenance outside of this package including by not limited to deep infections, security troubleshooting, network troubleshooting, or any advanced additional security requests outside of this package.

Additional security-related services can also be purchased if required during checkout.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.

To secure a position in scheduling, payment will be required prior to service. A fully detailed invoice will be sent once all outlined work is completed. Payment(s) can be made via Checkout or Interac Email Money Transfer.

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