WordPress Advanced Security Package

Starting At: $650.00

For Advanced Security Package applies to both new or existing WordPress website owners requiring tighter security measures.

WordPress Security Checkup Includes:

Software / Installation Security Efforts:

  • Website Installation Integrity Assessment + Repairs
  • WordPress Security Best Practises
  • Database Prefix + Password Hardening
  • Outdated Abandoned Plugin Removal / Replacement Efforts
  • PHP Version Assessment + Upgrading
  • Theme Vulnerability Assessment + Hardening
  • Changed File Monitoring / Auditing
  • Check Root Dir for Strange Files
  • Disable Directory Indexing and Browsing From Hackers
  • Disable File Editor From Hackers
  • Disallow PHP Executions From Hackers
  • Enable WordPress Minor Version Auto-Updates
  • Excessive Addons Assessment / Removals
  • File-System / Directory Permissions Hardening

Advanced Security Measures / Maintenance:

  • Address Critical Advanced Security Vulnerabilities
  • Anti Fraud Detection + Prevention
  • Anti-Bot Protection / Monitoring
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Bad Backlink Checking / Removal Efforts
  • Enable Strong Password Requirements
  • Malicious Bot Blocking / Monitoring
  • Content Copy Prevention
  • Malware Scanning + Analysis + Full Removal
  • Hide Error Log + WordPress Version Info
  • Rogue Country / Foreign IP Blocking
  • Website Firewall Installation or Replacement
  • Firewall Configurations / Advanced Security Hardening
  • Website Firewall Checking / Configurations
  • Website Security & Vulnerability Penetration Testing
  • Website SPAM Comment Filtering + Removal

Form Security:

  • Contact Form / Signup Form Security
  • Web Form / Application Form Security
  • Lead Capture Security
  • Recaptcha Installation / Management

Login Security:

  • User Accounts Assessment
  • User Permissions Hardening
  • Weak Website + Database Password Assessment / Hardening
  • Multi-Factor Login Authentication
  • Login Security / IP Whitelisting
  • Website Keys + Salts Password Changing / Hardening

Backup Security:

  • Backup .Htaccess + Wp-Config
  • Full On-Site Website & Database Backup
  • Full Server Side Website + Database Backups

Security Administration:

  • Enable Admin Security Notifications
  • Enable Website Error Logging + Alerts
  • Review On-Site Security Logs
  • Review Server Level Security Logs
  • Priority / Emergency Response

Server Security Administration:

  • Cloudflare Security Hardening (If Applicable)
  • Server Firewall Activation (Subject to Hosting Availability)
  • SSL Error Checking / Maintenance
  • SSL Error Checking + Repairs
  • Enforce HTTPS on all Links
  • Domain Blacklist Checking + Removal Efforts
  • Domain Health & Protection Assessment
  • Domain ID Protection Implementation
  • Email Authentication Measures

Have a Technical Expert look under the hood for you to ensure nothing sinister is lurking.

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Terms & Conditions

Since additional errors, conflicts, and issues can arise during security implementation & configuration that take additional time address beyond the original scope of this security package, Spenny For Hire cannot be held accountable for any plugin conflicts, site outages, security issues, login issues, spam, or any other functional or technical issues and errors of any kind as a result of applying the security best practises within the above package. It is always best to work through any issues that arise rather then scale back security measures leaving a site owner more vulnerable.

Some additional security-related servicing may be required to troubleshoot, work through additional newly revealed issues, manage support tickets, and provide any followups. An additional hourly rate applies to all additional security maintenance outside of this package including by not limited to deep infections, security troubleshooting, network troubleshooting, or any advanced additional security requests outside of this package.

Additional security-related services can also be purchased if required during checkout.

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for additional information.


Do you monitor the security of your online store? Good Security is only as good as your weakest link! This Advanced Security Package is geared towards making heavier security improvements to your WordPress website. If a site is left to sit without adequate security or regular patching, many vulnerabilities can develop leading to security issues, malicious activity, increased spam, bad backlinks, and eventually complete website takeover. If you or your customers are experiencing problems or seeing security-related errors, this package will take care of those and more.

This website and ecommerce security checkup & hardening package includes a wide array of security hardening & prevention measures. However, despite best efforts, websites can still get hacked due to hosting issues, wordpress vulnerabilities, plugin exploits, or theme vulnerabilities developers have not yet patched.

Requesting Admin Access

Clients who request access to the Super Admin WordPress Login credentials will be especially vulnerable since they will have access to the most vulnerable areas of WordPress. With good security only as secure as the weakest link, the website owner’s computer itself is often the reason their website gets hacked due to not having adequate computer security protection or practicing good internet security. Customer changes in the Admin Backend can also lead to lengthy investigations for developers if issues should arise. Only experienced WordPress Operators should have Administrator Level Access to leverage the WordPress User Permissions Hierarchy to keep a client’s website safe from harm. A single wrong move and wipe out years of work so you’ll want to have an experienced operator at the helm.

Clients Changing Passwords to Weak Ones

Complex Passwords are Standard Practise on today’s Web. Most services require you to create a super-strong un-crackable password to prevent unauthorized entry. Customers who change complex passwords to weaker ones will create an easy opportunity for hackers to exploit. For safety’s sake, website owners should request a lower level of access to the website to manage daily or weekly updates such as content updates, price changes, etc. Having two Administrator Accounts will only open up clients to attack. Sharing an Administrator account is not recommended.

The Added Protection & Risks of Enabling Auto-Updates

Enabling Automatic WordPress, Theme, and Plugin Updates ensures you get all the latest Security Patches as soon as they are issued by Developers. However, despite the best efforts by Developers to test their hotfixes, patches, compatibility, and coding improvements, issues can still arise that can lead to website errors and outages that can do undetected for a long time. Without an experienced operator at the helm monitoring error and security logs, testing updates, and visually inspecting the site as changes are implemented, it is only a matter of time before issues arise. Every WordPress website is made up of different plugins, addons, scripts, and functional. Since updates are rolled out every week, any WordPress site is in a constant state of flux under the hood. Things may appear normal on the front-public facing visual end, but on the backend, it could be a completely different story.

Old Installation Vulnerabilities

Having Old Website Managements Systems or failed aging WordPress installs and databases still sitting in on your hosting space can leave you wide open to attack. One infected install can certainly infect your new active website so be sure to report if you suspect old installs reside on your server for immediate removal.

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Payment Policy

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